The Art of Starbucks


**PSA Starbucks is handing out a free reusable cup with any purchase of a holiday beverage today!**

I worked at Starbucks for two years while in college. The reason I left is becuase I started my student teaching semester & wanted to immerse myself into that experience!

Unfortunately, I won’t be going back! But it is a fortunate reason! I got a full time teaching job starting right after I graduate in December!

“Starbucks is expensive. Starbucks is overrated. Starbucks isn’t worth it.”

Those are just a couple of reasons people decide that they don’t like Starbucks. & that is totally fine! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions!

But here is what most people don’t think about when forming those opinions.

  • Starbucks quality of coffee is insane.

You have many opinions to choose from, whether we are talking a cup of coffee or an espresso beverage. Starbucks tries so hard to hand out the perfect cup of coffee. Yes, you can make your own at home for cheaper, but I am talking to the people that want a solid, expertly formulated cup of coffee that is a perfect example of what you should aim for.

  • Their VARIETY of coffee

Whether that is a blonde, medium, or dark roast. If we’re talking espresso, then signature or blonde. Back to the roasts. There are so many varieties you can choose from. There are your everyday roasts like Veranda (blonde), Pike (medium), or Sumatra (dark) or your Reserve roasts which select stores sell. And let me tell you, getting a cup of a reserve roast or buying grounds to make at home IS SO WORTH IT! Even a person that doesn’t drink coffee frequently can tell the difference!

  • They aim to satisfy any palette

Whether you like coffee, espresso, tea, cold brew, energy drinks, milkshakes, etc. STARBUCKS HAS IT ALL!

Mocha, hazelnut, vanilla bean, white chocolate, pumpkin, peppermint, chestnut praline, LITERALLY ANY FLAVOR YOU CAN THINK OF!

**if you ever need any drink recommendations, let me know because I LOVE when people ask me**


This is definitely the most important one. From the first day I walked into Starbucks as a customer AND employee, I felt a sense of community and actual dedication to it’s customers. You have no idea how many drinks I have had to remake while barring. But I NEVER thought twice about it because the goal was to have a meaningful experience with my customer & I had been trained to WANT that person to walk out happy & satisfied with their beverage or food item. Starbucks cares, & it made me care about people.

  • On a selfish note, working at Starbucks has made me a better person & educator.

I got lucky & always had awesome co-workers. When all Starbucks shut down & we had a training after the incident in Pennsylvania, a HUGE topic was the idea of Starbucks being a “third place”

In life, people usually have two places that they are comfortable being in. They are their constant. For children, it would be home and school & for adults, it would be home &  work.

That’s where Starbucks comes in as the third place. The goal is for Starbucks is when you come in, you know people, you feel comfortable, & you are satisfied with your experience. That you get that familiar feeling of comfort.

This made me realize that I want to make people feel comfortable in every aspect of my life whether that is a one-on-one interaction or in my future classroom.


I could literally talk about Starbucks for hours!

Like I said, if you need drink recommendations, let me know!

If you’re considering applying to work at Starbucks, let me know!

If you just want to have a conversation, let me know!



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— TheBestSings