Top 5 Places to Shop Online

I was never an online shopper until I began this blog, but now that I have discovered the world of online shopping, there is no stopping me now!

There are a couple of places that I LOVE to shop online at. This is HUGE for me when it comes to fashion, since I am one of those people that has to go shopping for hours since I’m so picky about what I think looks good on me (ya feel?)

Let’s get started!

American Eagle

American Eagle Jeans have my heart. If you know of any sites or places that are long enough for a 5’11” girl, I’M THERE. For reference, I am 180 lbs and 5′ 11″ and I usually wear a size 12, extra-long pant! So American Eagle is my place. My current go-to pair from them is their AE 360 NE(X)T LEVEL SUPER HIGH-WAISTED JEGGING which is also ON SALE right now! I HATE jeans, but these feel just like leggings.


Aerie is also amazing when it comes to fit. Their swimsuits come in tall and petite sizes (torsos are so annoying sometimes), and their panties and bras are SO comfy. All of their bras, bralettes, and swimsuits are 40% off right now too!! I also just so strongly support what Aerie stands for when it comes to empowering every body-type, so that in itself makes me want to shop there!  

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The Pink Lily Boutique

This place is a new discovery of mine and I am OBSESSED. Their clothes are so cute and they always have ongoing sales. Their transitional pieces from winter to Spring are so stinking’ cute.

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Maelle Beauty

So I did recently become a Maelle Maker, but the reason I talk about this company so much isn’t because I’m affiliated with it. I just really really love their mission and their products. Their mission is to create a community-built company that supports and empowers each other, and along the way make some amazing makeup. You guys, these products are seriously amazing. I can’t say that enough! My $10 off coupon code is ANNA10 if you ever want to try it out for yourself!

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I am always gonna be a Fabletics gal. Their products are so amazing and comfy, their leggings are seriously so great for any activity, and they are reasonably priced. PLUS!! your first two pairs of leggings are only $25!!

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New York & Company

Definitely another tall-girl win with this place since they also have tall sizes! (praise!) They also have such cute work and everyday clothing items. & their sale section is usually LIT. Right now they are running a 40% off EVERYTHING SALE!

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I know I only gave you five places, but these are the places that have never let me down and I wanted to share with you what I think is the best of the best! Let me know if you make any purchases and what you think of this post!

Stay curious & kind,

— TheBestSings