Embracing who YOU are

“You’re too much… ” “Too extreme, Too opinionated, Too in-your-face, Too loud, Too skinny , Too fat, Too tall” No matter what you do, no matter who you try to please, there will always be someone else that has something to say, something to critique you about.  & it’s not even that they are bad people or that they do it maliciously.Continue reading “Embracing who YOU are”

You Are A Baddass

It all started with a New York Times Best Seller, “You are a Baddass. How to stop doubting your greatness & start living an awesome life” by Jen Sincero. You Are A Baddass  <—- Get it on Amazon, thank me later 😉 The book talks a lot about how society today doesn’t like super sappyContinue reading “You Are A Baddass”