Feeling Good at 23

On Tuesday of this week, I turned 23. I have spent a lot of this week realizing that this is the best that I have felt about myself EVER. So I started thinking “what makes me feel this way?” “what lessons have I learned in my 23 short years to make me so happy in life?”.

These are the 23 things that I have learned and realize to help me feel good about myself and the world around me.

  1. Your real friends will tell you how they feel, but support you no matter what.

Everyone is different, includint the people we surround ourselves with, but the true people that are meant to be in your life, even if they disagree with you, will support you no matter what.

2. If you ever want to feel like a VS model, throw a short dress on and put on some black thigh highs.

Thank me later.

3. People always say “practice makes perfect”, but I disagree. I think I learned this in high school band and it serioualy apploies to every aspect of my life. “Perfect practice makes perfect”. 

4. Don’t stop yourself from doing something that makes you happy just becuase you’re scared of what people will think. 

I’ll use this platform as an example. When I started my blog and correlating Instagram, I was so scared people would judge me, and they did. I have lost hundreds of followers, including friends. BUT IT’S OKAY!! Not everyone will want to see everything you’re doing. It’s not their cup of tea and THAT IS OKAY. As long as you are doing what makes you happy, you’ll find the people that want to follow along on your journey, whatever that may be.

5. Avocados make everything better. 


6. Learn to be comfortable with discomfort. 

I learned this one during student teaching. This world and society like to make us think and feel certain ways. So whenever something isn’t a part of the status quo or something of that sort, those topics are avoided. To grow your mind, heart, and spirit, I feel like it is important to talk about and experience the things that make us uncomfortable to ultimatly be comfortable in that discomfort.

7. The perfect shade of red lipstick is out there. And once you find yours, you will feel unstoppable. 

Mine is Estee Lauder! Revlon Ultra HD Matte is also a great one.

8. Never stop being curious. 

The more curious you are, the more you learn.

9. Learn to see the good. 

As difficult as this is sometimes, we have one life. See the good in it and I promise you will wake up everyday more excited to live this life. Also, learn to see the good in people, even the ones that make it difficult to.

10. Mental health is important. 

For a long period of my life I avoided this statement because I didn’t realize what it was doing to me and to others around me. When I started prioritizing it, I became a kinder person to other and myself.

11. Mile Cyrus and Lady Gaga are the queens. 

Fight me on it. I promise I’ll win. 😉

12. To show vulernability and transparency requires an unbelievable amount of stength. 

Being yourself and not apologizing for how you feel is hard, but worth it.

13. A fresh set of nails is telling the world you have your shit together and that you are FIERCE and READY. 

14. Everybody is different and every body is beautiful.

AKA fuck society’s standards of beauty.

15. Work out.

Even if it’s literally once a week, challenge your body and see it’s potential.

16. Never go out without feeling like a 10/10.

Even if it takes 3 hours to get there, you deserve to be insecurity-free and feeling like a DIME when you go out.

17. Collaboration over competition. 

Support each other. It gets lonely when all you think about is yourself.

18. It is okay to binge-watch a whole series on Netflix in one night while drinking a bottle of wine. 

DO IT. You deserve it.

19. Self reflection will seriously change your life. 

20. Pineapple belongs on pizza. 

21. Never lower your standards. 

You are priceless, so find people that treat you that way.

22. Everyone has a story. If you take the time to listen to it, you might find out some pretty amazing things. Even about yourself. 

23. Choose Joy.

That’s all I have for you today, friends 🙂

Always remember,

Stay curious & kind



Feeling Good in My Own Skin

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! & Happy #FeelGoodFriday.

I decided to start this series to help myself and others share about things that make us feel good! By sharing these things, my goal is that we all form a positive, empowering, and uplifting community with one another and that this series really does help you feel good on this Friday!!

The first post I thought would be appropriate for this series was talking about feeling good in my own skin. Like always, I am just speaking from experience, and I understand that everyone is different!



Speaking about it literally…

Feeling good in my skin literally would probably mean to be acne-free for me! Struggling with adult acne is a menace and just doesn’t make me feel good when I feel like I have to cake on make-up instead of going makeup-free some days.

What I’m doing about it…

I FINALLY figured out what helps my skin the most and have already been seeing results after almost two years! I know I could’ve gone to the dermatologist, but I really wanted to get rid of it without medication! Just a personal decision! I am currently using the Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleaner and it is already one of my holy grail items. You need to try it if you never have. Tea tree oil is supposed to help the skin fight acne and help with redness and inflammation, and let me tell ya, it does! I also use the Garnier Fructis Micellar Cleansing Water and the Tula Resurfacing Gel and Day and Night Moisturizing Cream. This combo has done wonders for my skin!

Speaking about it physically…

I have always wanted to feel healthy, but self-control, lack of motivation, stress, and anxiety have sometimes gotten in the way of it! & that is completely valid and normal for those of you struggling with the same issues!

Now I have finally gotten into the mindset of “as long as i treat my body to the best of my ability, then I feel good.”

What that means for me:

  • I work out 3-4 times a week (Thank goodness for Orange Theory)
  • I intermittent fast on the weekdays (healthily)
  • I eat whatever I want whenever I want when I’m not in my fast period.

That’s the best balance I have found for me to feel good physically and emotionally about my body and I have honestly never been happier about it!

Speaking about it mentally…

I stopped comparing. I stopped looking at other women and wishing I looked like them. I started looking at other women and complimenting them (either in my head or out loud). And from that switch, I have realized I started feeling even better about myself because I realized there are so many different types of beauty when it came to physical beauty alone.

Uplifting others = uplifting yourself.


Well that’s all I have for you!

If you have anything to add from your experiences, TELL ME! I’ll add it here! If you like or dislike what I just said TELL ME! These posts are for all of . They are for conversation!

Thank you all for being here!

Stay curious and kind,

— TheBestSings


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