Fall Outfit Details


I went to New Glarus this weekend with a couple of my close friends & was given the opportunity to wear my favorite Fall outfits!

Also! If you’re need of a great AirBNB in the New Glarus area, let me know!

I am soso into turtle necks with vests this season! So i figred I’d share with you my favorite outfit as of late!

What I am going to link is most of the things I am wearing in this photo, plus some extra options from different afforable places.

Maroon Vest                             

Original:  Nordstrom Rack

Other Options:

Black Turtle Neck



  • Most of the time I wear American Eagle size 12 x-long jeans! If I ever wear anything else, I will be sure to let you know!
  • PSA: American Eagle Jeans are currently Buy 1 Get 1 50% off!
  • American Eagle


Thigh High Black Boots


Black Belt

  • I got mine at TJMaxx for $7 and it fits my perfectly! But I couldn’t find it online L
  • Here are some other options:

Silver Hoop Earings


If you have any questions or need or HAVE any suggestions, let me know!


Happy Monday! I hope you have a productive and positive week!

Stay kind and curious,






November Wallpapers!

I will be posting 5-10 new wallpapers monthly! I hope you like them! Comment or message me if you have any suggestions!

Just click on the underlined words below to download!

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