Starbucks Cloud Macchiato Review

Hi Everyone!

I thought I’d start this week off by giving you a review on the new Starbucks drink!

Starbucks just released a new Cloud Macchiato not too long ago.

It comes in the Carmel Cloud Macchiato and Cinnamon Cloud Macchiato. You can also get it either hot or cold!

What is it?

The Carmel Cloud Macchiato: 

  • Vanilla Syrup
  • Espresso Shots
  • Cold Foam (made out of their new cloud powder (which contains eggs) , 2%, & vanilla whipped together in a special blender)
  • Topped with carmel drizzle

Here are the nutrotional facts!

The Cinnamon Cloud Macchiato: 

  • Cinnamon Dolce Syrup
  • Cold Foam (made out of their new cloud powder (which contains eggs) 2%, & vanilla whipped together in a special blender)
  • Espresso Shots
  • Topped with cinammon dolce powder & carmel drizzle

Here are the nutritional facts!

What I got

I got the standard Iced Carmel Cloud Macchiato. It cames with one of those sippy lids which I love!


Disclaimer** I hate foam, so I was very hesitant to even try this since I wanted to give an unbiased review, so I figured you should know that.

It comes with the shots on the bottom and a whole lot of the cold foam on top.

When you take the first sip, chances are you’re going to get a sip of the cold foam. It is a thicker foam and it’ very sweet. I didn’t mind it, but it wasn’t my favorite either.

I really started liking it once the espresso mixed with the cold foam.

It actually kinda tastes like a carmel coffee milkshake!

You have to get through some of the cold foam first, but then once it mixes, it started tasting really thick, sweet, and super cold.

I probably would get it again and immediatly mix it instead of waiting and drinking just the cold foam.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Have a good week everyone! If you try it, let me know what you think of it!

Stay curious & kind,



Cinnamon Shortbread Latte Review

I love new Starbucks drinks!! So I always try the new ones when they first come out. Starbucks recently released the new Cinnamon Shortbread Latte and I headed over and tried it the other day.

My order:

Hot Grande Cinnamon Shortbread Latte

Made with Blonde Espresso (I just personally love the taste of blonde espresso)

No Whip (I refuse to eat whipped cream)

(I usually get dairy-free milk since I like it more, but I figured I’d stick to the standard 2% to give it an honest review.)

What I have to say about it.

I really really like it!

I am a fan of their cinnamon dolce latte, and this is just a tamed down version of that.

It focuses more on the cinnoman flavor over the sweet.

If you like the taste of cinnamon and prefer your drinks less sweet (which I do), then I promise you’ll love this drink.

If you like it a little sweeter (but not white chocolat emocha style), then youc an always get it with soy since soy is more sweet in general!

If you wanna add a little twist

I feel like it would taste so much more like a cookie if you added hazelnut to it as well. Just a thought!

Get it iced! It also seems like it would taste super yummy if it were iced!


Thanks for stopping in! Let me know if you try it & how you like it!

Stay curious & kind,