Here is Why You Are Beautiful

Hi Everyone! I hope life is going well and you are feeling beautiful & worthy. Throughout most of my life, I have struggled with body image. Sometimes, the reprecussions were a lot more severe than others, but thankfully I learned how to manage it. I still struggle with it everyday, and if you are like me, know that you are not alone and know more … Continue reading Here is Why You Are Beautiful

December Phone & Desktop Wallpapers

Hi Everyone! Happy December! Here are the wallpapers I came up with for this month! Just click on the link below the picture to download! Give me your feedback and let me know what you think! Merry Everything Baby It’s Cold Outside Any Change Holds an Opportunity Be You Frosty Mornings Do It for Yourself Merry & Bright Owning Your Story Tidings of Comfrot & … Continue reading December Phone & Desktop Wallpapers

Review on the Juniper Latte

Hi everyone! As much as I love Starbucks for their drinks and their coffee, I completely understand when people say that their drinks are expensive! So I wanted to help you out with giving reviews on new drinks before you spend money on it! This post will be short & sweet, don’t worry! THE JUNIPER LATTE Starbucks recently released a new latte, the Juniper latter. … Continue reading Review on the Juniper Latte