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Hi everyone! I hope everyone in the Chicago-land area is staying warm and safe on the roads today!

SO! It has officially been one year since I launched TheBestSings! & what a journey it has been! I never thought writing my thoughts, likes, and dislikes on the internet would be so fulfilling, but it has truly been life-changing. I wanted to share a couple things that blogging and sharing on social media has taught me. For all of you out there that are scared to start something new in your lives because of fear of judgement (not just blogging, literally anything), keep reading!!

This is also for the people that have contemplated starting a blog or are thinking about becoming a social influencer! Do it! it’s amazing! Here’s your proof:

  • Your thoughts, words, and actions are so much more powerful than you can even imagine.

    • People need a positive light in their lives. Whether that is me, you, or someone else, positivity can be hard to accept in such a negative world, but people need it. & as much as they don’t want to admit it, they also love it. They also need people that are unapoligetically themselves. People that are who they are without apologizing are the kind of people others need in their lives.
  • Not everyone will support you.

    • Throughout this year, I have realized who my true supporters are. Blogging, Instagram, etc. isn’t for everyone. Not everyone in my life wants to know what freaking shade of lipstick I’m wearing, BUT those that want to see me succeed have been there every step of the way, liking every picture, and telling me how amazing I am. The right people will stick by you no matter what journey you choose to take.
  • Making people feel good makes me feel good.

    • I never thought I would feel so much joy trying to make other people feel good. I am 100% the person that appreciates a compliment or words of affirmation. I have realized that giving those words make me feel just as good, if not better. Uplifing others and showing them how much potential they have is such a gift. When I get a message along the lines of “I needed this today”, it truly does warm my heart. The world needs more light. Choose to be one.
  • You are the only thing that can make you happy.

    • The less I cared what people thought, the happier I became. Throughout most of my life, I searched for validation of others. When I started this blog, I did it for me. I did it as an outlet to express what I feel, what I like, and what I dislike. From there it became a platform that I wanted to use for good (because surprisingly, people like what I have to say) . All of these aspects combined made me so so happy. That’s why I keep doing it. Becuase I am so fulfilled with what this platform does for my life and even better, for the lives of others.
  • I have literally the best family and friends int he world.

    • I am literally tearing up writing this part because my friends and family are the biggest and best supporters I could ask for. My family barely understands what a blog and Instagram are, but they ask how they can help. My friends don’t really follow blogs or influencers, but every chance they get, they take a picture or give me ideas or tell me how amazing it is that I am doing it. I have the best friends and family in the world.
  • I have become SO self-aware

    • When you publicise even some of your thoughts and actions into the world for other people to see, you start to think about those thoughts and actions a lot more than not. I have realized what I stand for, what I want out of certain experiences ande even life! I have realized how much goodness I have that I never realized I had. I have realized negatives too. Like how I need to work on self-confidence more, how I need to stop comparing, etc. Overall, it has been very eye-opening internally!
  • I have started to live with more intention.

    • With everything that I do, I feel myself asking “Why am I doing this?” “How will this benefit me?” “Will this make me happy?”. I look at this as a positive because it helps me decide to do things that I ENJOY and not things that I feel like I HAVE to do. In effect, I find myself happier and I enjoy myself so much more.
  • I LOVE my job.

    • Music has always been my hobby. When I started teaching, it became my career and, in affect, something that I surrounded myself with SO MUCH. I found myself starting to feel like it was a burden and I NEVER wanted that to happen. I chose this career because of how much joy it brought me. When I started blogging, it added another hobby in my life. I started discovering new parts of my interests and my job became fun again since I wasn’t putting all of my attention on it. I feel like I have a good balance because of this blog.

Overall, this year I have grown more than I ever have. I hope this inspires you to start something that you were scared of before. Start taking baby-steps towards that goal. I promise it’ll be worth it!

Current favorites:

Drink: Honey Oat Milk Latte, Pinot Noir

Song: anything Jess Glynn

Food: anything peanut butter

Book: The Help

Movie: Midnight in Paris

Makeup Product: L’oreal Age Rewind Concealer


Stay curious & kind,


Top Fall Fashion Picks

Hi everyone! Long time no talk! I’m so glad to be back and writing, reviewing, and sharing on here! What better way to kick Fall of than with my favorite Fall fashion finds? All of these things I own or have extremely similar pairs of and I am OBSESSED with them all!

Let’s Get Started! 



This Goodnight Macaroon sweater is so cute and comes in a lot of colors. ALSO they are having 40% off of everything with code PREFALL

yellow sweater

Discount code: PREFALL

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This is also a Goodnight Macaroon find, and I have a feeling it’ll be a huge hit this year.


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Pink Lily Boutique is one of my favorite online stores ESPECIALLY in the fall and winter.

light blue

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Oversized sweaters are a huge trend and this is probably my favorite bralette to layer with.


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These Goodnight Macaroon over the knee boots are probably the boots I see the most on the internet throughout fall and winter. I unfortunetly don’t own them because the heel is just a little too high for my liking, but I have heard nothing but perfect things about this pair. AND they’re also 40% off with code PREFALL!

goodnight boots

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These JustFab boots are the boots that are super similar to the Goodnight Macaroon pair that I’ll be rocking this season since the heel is a but lower and they are SO COMFY! When you become a JustFab member, you also get a HUGE discount on your first pair of shoes, and these are definetly worth it. Even for full price!

my boots

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I don’t have to say anything about these since they speak for themselves.


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I have a feeling that loafers are going to be a big thing this season. Ya heard it here first, folks.


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I love these guys because you can dress them up with a twang or dress them down and not feel weird wearing a little bit of a heel.



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I am a full believer that everyone needs a statement shoe, or in Fall, bootie.


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We’re going comfy first, because these are the ones that really matter 😉

I literally live in my Aerie leggings when I’m lounging around and running errands. This pair is probably my favorite!


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These joggers are actually the comfiest thing I have ever felt.


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If you are a curvy girl, you NEED these American Eagle Curvy Super High-Waisted Jeggings. They have changed my view of jeans COMPLETELY



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Mom Jeans are my go-to jeans nowadays. I should warn you though, they are stiffer than jeggings, so I would size up!


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I just think everyone should have some staple Fall dresses to lean on just incase you need them!

leopard dress

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Boohoo has a ton of adorablt dresses!


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This jumpsuit from Francesca’s is so perfect!


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Well, that is all! Let me know what you think, if you buy anything, etc.! I love having conversations with you all! Also, let me know if you want me to post more articles about this kind of stuff!


Stay curious & kind,