Reflecting on a Resolution

I personally love reflection. Whether it’s on an action, an experience, a day, or in this case, a year. & I think this is a perfect excuse to talk about reflection and how I personally review my years. I usually sit down and really think about it. & I 100% believe that doing this helps me become much more self-aware and kind. (not saying I’m an angel or perfect, it’s just something that I have realized helps me.)

Reflection throughout the year is very healthy, but as the year comes to a close soon, I am taking the opportunity to start really reflecting upon the last 12 months.

I usually start about my experiences with others.

What experiences and encounters with others could I have done better with?

Could I have been more outgoing, nicer, more open-minded? Even writing this, experiences rush through my head. Could I have helped someone but instead chose to ignore it or walk away? Did I judge? Did I talk badly about someone? How did I handle going through a difficult break-up? Could I have spoken to a students and understood why they were misbehaving? Could I have been more patient? etc.

You might think these are elementary thoughts, but just because they are simple thoughts does not make them invalid. These are actual things that shape who you are, and if you can’t sit down and think about how you could do better, all I have to say to that is “Sit down, be humble”.


What experiences and encounters with others am I proud of? 

For some reason, this one is always more difficult for me to think of. Maybe because everyone is their worst critic. I ask myself things like: When did I make someone’s day? When did I open a student’s mind to music more? When did I impact a student? When did someone tell me they appreciate me and why did they say it? What did I do when I faced hard situations and tried to handle them with grace? When did I stand up for someone? When did I choose to look at the best in a person? When did I tell the people I love that I appreciate them? When did I reach out to an old friend?

These lists can go on and on.

Now onto one that I’m sure is difficult for some to endure. Even me on some days. But bare with me, this is where the real growth and self-acceptance happens.

How did I treat myself?

How did I view myself? When I looked int here mirror, what did I tell myself? What did I consume to either help my body or harm it? Did I exercise? What did I tell myself when I wanted to stop doing something or give up? When someone spoke badly of me, did I beleive them? When someone spoke highly of me, did I believe them? Did I have the confidence to stand up for myself? Was I comfortable with being alone? Did I take time for myself? Was I kind to myself? Etc.

All of these questions can be uncomfortable to ask yourself, but we are human. We have good days and bad days, and to be able to acknowledge both makes us stronger and better people. It makes you own who you are. Every part of you. Becuase once you are aware, then there is opportunity to grow.

Now comes the resolution part

Before I say anything, a resolution can start at any minute of any day! YOU have the power to create your own reality! Remember that!

Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone’s story is raw, truthful, and beautifully unique. So everyone will have different resolutions. Now that you are aware of everything that you have gone through and everything you have been, you have the opportunity to grow from that. I write a list of 5-10 things that I want to grow and be better at and I also write 5 things that I am proud of for and want to continue doing. That’s just what I do, so don’t think you have to!

I have said this before and I will say it again. I am not perfect, I am so far from it. I can only speak from what I know, which are my expriences. But if this post helps ONE person, I believe that I have made an impact.


Let me know your thoughts, questions, or suggestions! If you have a different way of reflecting or choosing your new years resolutions, tell me! I would LOVE to know them!


Also, let me know if you enjoy these posts! I love feedback!


Have a great week everyone!

Stay curious and kind,


Here is Why You Are Beautiful

Hi Everyone!

I hope life is going well and you are feeling beautiful & worthy.

Throughout most of my life, I have struggled with body image. Sometimes, the reprecussions were a lot more severe than others, but thankfully I learned how to manage it. I still struggle with it everyday, and if you are like me, know that you are not alone and know more importantly, you are beautiful.

I don’t want this to be about me. I want this journey to be about us. Becuase all of us are so different and unique.

Do you want to know what really pisses me off?

The way society can define us. That society can tell us if we are beautiful or not. The way that they think they have the power. It has taken me a long time to realize this, but THEY DON’T HAVE ANY POWER OVER US.

How I changed my mindet

Like I have said so many times before in other posts, I am not perfect, I am not a guru, I am not all-knowing. I can only speak through my experiences, & if I can reach just one person, I feel like I have helped the world become a better place. So thank you for reading, I appreciate you 🙂

  • Please do me a favor & take a look at this site. I promise it will help change your mindset.

Body Types Through History

I have probably visited this page over 100 times since I have discovered it.

From year to year in 10 year increments, society has expected us to fit these molds of “beauty”. Like, I am sorry I personally am not about to gain and lose about 50 lbs year to year. No thanks, I like my donuts and sanity, thank you.

When I read this and watch these videos, I am reminded of the unattainble standards that I feel are placed on me, and I laugh at the people who think I care anymore.

  • I surrounded myself with supportive and uplifting people.

There was a time in my life a couple years back that I realized I was in toxic relationships. I felt I was being compared to constantly, I felt judged, and I felt myself becoming jealous. I unfollowed everyone that I felt myself becoming jealous of on Instagram, I removed myself of toxic relationships, and I became very open about my insecurities so the people that I was close to knew I was struggling. I became communicative of my pain and how outcasted I felt, and I got nothing but support in return from these people.

  • I looked at myself in the mirror EVERY DAY and told myself I was beautiful. & every week, I picked one new thingt to focus on embracing.

This helped me convince myself of my greatness. AND IT WORKED. I know it sounds kinda cheesy and tedious, but I promise this is what sparked my self-love more than anything.

  • I wrote myself reminders on post-it notes and I immersed myself into positive Pinterest quotes.

Again, chessy, but I promised it put me in such a positive and motivated head space.


That’s all I have for you. Remember that you are worthy and you are beautiful. If you ever want to have a conversation about this, know I am here to help, listen, or talk. Embrace who you are and you will be undefeatable.

Stay curious & kind,