Let’s Eat!

Before I say anything, I want to start with this:

I do not do ANY of these things to look a certain way, I do all of these things to FEEL a certain way. So much of my life was spent comparing myself to others and, in effect, hating who I was and what I looked like, and honestly, treating my body HORRIBLY. Throughout the years, I have grown and become wiser and more accepting of my body. I am still learning and growing but doing these things right now in my life makes me FEEL powerful and beautiful, which is why I do them. I treat my body well in order to FEEL good.

This isn’t a diet I am following. This is what I choose to do with my life and how I am choosing to treat my body. There is no end-result for me other than feeling healthy and powerful.

*I REFUSE to ever have a bad relationship with food again*

ALSO! I am fully aware that I might be doing this ALL WRONG, but this is what works for me the best physically, mentally, and emotionally!

Intermittent Fasting

I fast almost every day, depending on my schedule or honestly if I want to (I do it because I want to, not because I feel like I HAVE to.)


Why Intermittent Fasting??

  • I have realized that this is the best way for me to practice discipline (I have no self-control when it comes to food)
  • I eat smaller portions
  • When I’m not hungry, I genuinely don’t have the urge to snack or eat
  • I am so much more conscious of what I put into my body and how my body reacts to the food I eat.

**disclosure** Intermittent fasting was really hard for me for about 3 days. After that, my body got used to it and I instantly started feeling amazing.


When I eat

11 a.m. – 7 p.m. (Usually! Sometimes it’s a longer fast, sometimes it’s a shorter fast. All depends on how I feel!

In the morning, I have black coffee & I usually mix in some collagen into my coffee. I am a big fan of the Vital Protein Collagen.

I DRINK SO MUCH WATER until my fast is over.

The meal I have before 7 p.m. is usually filled with protein and some carbs because I want it to sustain my body until 11 a.m. the next day. I don’t want to feel hungry or like I need food until my fast is over.


What I eat

WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT. Seriously. I eat whatever I want and listen to my body and how it reacts to it.

BUT this is what a typical WEEKDAY of eating looks like for me:

  • Until 11 a.m. black coffee & water
  • Lunch: deli meat, half an avocado with EBTB Seasoning from TJ’s, carrots, almonds, and a yogurt (I freaking love those lime-flavored flip yogurts) LOTS OF WATER
  • Snack: I munch on almonds all day. I freaking LOVE raw almonds, but sometimes I have those flavored ones too! LOTS OF WATER
  • Around 4 p.m.: Some kind of protein and a veggie. Usually it’s asparagus, potatoes, and chicken or something like that LOTS OF WATER
  • I usually work out around 5:30, so after I get back around 6:30, I honestly might not eat because I’m still so full or I have some more veggies and meat or honestly a freaking bowl of sugary cereal. Depends on my mood! & also, maybe a glass of wine. LOTS OF WATER
    • I love cooking, and I genuinely find it fun to make healthy foods taste amazing, so when I have time I cook for that night or for the next day! I have a bunch of recipes saved, so if you’re ever in need of a tasty and healthier meal, let me know!

During the week I try to stick with this because then I don’t feel bad when I go HAM on the weekends. My definition of BALANCE 🙂

On the weekends I still try to drink as much water as possible and I still TRY to intermittent fast, but that doesn’t mean it always happens. Sometimes mama wants a steak burrito at 3 a.m. or  a mcgriddle at 8am after a night of drinking. ALL ABOUT THE MOOD I’M IN.



I NEVER feel guilty about treating myself. EVER. If I want ice cream at 3 a.m., I eat it. If I feel like only sticking to my routine, I do it. I don’t punish myself or get upset at myself for wanting to treat myself. I love love love food. & I will never let myself change that.


What I Didn’t Give Up

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday and Happy International Women’s Day to all of my beautiful and powerful ladies out there!

For this #feelgoodfriday I decided to talk about what I am doing for Lent this year. I don’t really talk about my religion on my social platforms, and this really isn’t completely about religion either, but I am using Lent and my beliefs to instill something more in my life!

So for Lent you are usually expected to give something up to reflect on what the Lord gave up for us and sacrificed for us during this time. While I was sitting in the pew on Ash Wednesday, still not sure what I was going to give up, I realized something:

Lent is a time for gratitude, reflection, and appreciation. 

So instead of giving up a material item this year, I have decided to instill something instead.

I have decided to instill those things that the church tries to teach us every year during lent: gratitude, reflection, and appreciation.

I have always been a huge fan of self-reflection. Throughout my college years I really started diving into it, but lately it has not been something I have practiced frequently. So for lent, I have decided to start practicing it everyday along with prayer.

Whether you are a believer or not, I feel like self-reflection is so important for growth and learning about the world around you and yourself.

Don’t know where to start? I’ve got you!

Like I have said before, this might not be your thing and I am seriously not all-knowing, this is just what I am doing and I thought maybe this could help you on your journey too!

These are the questions I ask myself everyday now:

  • What am I doing to learn?
  • What am I doing to grow?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • What am I doing for others?
  • What am I doing for myself?

I personally either write in my journal the answers to these questions or I just think about them when I have 5 minutes of free time!

I also made a template for you to keep or share with others as well!

Daily Reflection


I hope you have an amazing weekend! Let me know what you think of today’s post! Let’s talk about it!

Stay curious and kind,