Starbucks Cloud Macchiato Review

Hi Everyone! I thought I’d start this week off by giving you a review on the new Starbucks drink! Starbucks just released a new Cloud Macchiato not too long ago. It comes in the Carmel Cloud Macchiato and Cinnamon Cloud Macchiato. You can also get it either hot or cold! What is it? The Carmel Cloud Macchiato:  Vanilla Syrup Espresso Shots Cold Foam (made out … Continue reading Starbucks Cloud Macchiato Review

Cinnamon Shortbread Latte Review

I love new Starbucks drinks!! So I always try the new ones when they first come out. Starbucks recently released the new Cinnamon Shortbread Latte and I headed over and tried it the other day. My order: Hot Grande Cinnamon Shortbread Latte Made with Blonde Espresso (I just personally love the taste of blonde espresso) No Whip (I refuse to eat whipped cream) (I usually … Continue reading Cinnamon Shortbread Latte Review

Review on the Juniper Latte

Hi everyone! As much as I love Starbucks for their drinks and their coffee, I completely understand when people say that their drinks are expensive! So I wanted to help you out with giving reviews on new drinks before you spend money on it! This post will be short & sweet, don’t worry! THE JUNIPER LATTE Starbucks recently released a new latte, the Juniper latter. … Continue reading Review on the Juniper Latte

My Holiday Starbucks Drinks

Happy Holiday Drink Season! & to all my Chicagoland area friends, I hope you’re keeping warm! Since the holiday drinks are back, I decided to update this post of my favorite holiday drinks from Starbucks! Grab a cup of coffee that I’m about to talk about & start your day off right! (or midday) (or evening) (whatever floats your boat)  So, some of you may … Continue reading My Holiday Starbucks Drinks

The Art of Starbucks

HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS!  **PSA Starbucks is handing out a free reusable cup with any purchase of a holiday beverage today!** I worked at Starbucks for two years while in college. The reason I left is becuase I started my student teaching semester & wanted to immerse myself into that experience! Unfortunately, I won’t be going back! But it is a fortunate reason! I got a … Continue reading The Art of Starbucks