My Winter Essentials

The CHILLY CHILLY part of winter is approaching us, and I find myself repeatedly using some items or I keep telling myself to buy them, so I’ll share those things here!

To Keep Warm 

Nordstrom Rack Just Jamie Wrap

This is 61% off right now! Making this cozy and huge wrap/scarf under $13!

Buy Here!


Old Navy Sweater Knit Scarf

This scarf is so soft and cozy and FIVE DOLLARS on their website right now!

Buy Here!

Smoky Grey Sherpa Pullover

Sherpa’s are so in and for good reason. They are cozy, soft, and they keep you SOSO warm. This one is only $26. That’s the cheapest I have found from a good and trusting brand!

Image 12-21-18 at 3.48 PM

Buy Here!


Revlon Ulta HD Matte Lipcolor

If you are looking for an affordable, long-lasting, color that will actually stay on all day, I have become your new best friend. This stuff is THE BEST long-lasting, moisturizing lip color I have EVER used. You can buy it anywhere and I promise you, you will LOVE it. People ask me what lip color I am wearing, and this is mostly -likely the answer I have given them. This is the only long-lasting lip color I have used for months now. Including nudes AND reds!

Image 12-21-18 at 4.30 PM

Buy Here!

Hempz Lotion

I have been using Hempz since high school! I have super dry skin & this lotion really is just so moisturizing and the difference scents that they offer are all so good smelling! & right now at Target, they are selling it for only $14! It’s usually around $24!

Fun fact: Hempz is the #1 recommended lotion to use after tanning!

Image 12-21-18 at 3.52 PM.jpg

Buy Here!

Kopari Lip Glossy

Kopari is becoming one of my favorite skin-care brands. They are cruelty-free and their products WORK. I’ve talked about this lip glossy more times than I can remember and in my Favorite Everyday Make-up Products, but it really is the best thing that has ever happened for my lips! Right now, Kopari is offering free shipping on orders over $30 if you want to gie them a try! AND I just found out that this lip glossy also comes in tinted shades too!

Buy Here!

CeraVe Moisturizor

I always talk about how I battle with adult acne and how dry my skin is, and ever since I started using this stuff, my skin has had so many less problems with dryness and clogged pores! Especially in the winter! You can get this stuff anywhere!

Image 12-21-18 at 3.59 PM.jpg

Buy Here!

Dermideli Pumpkin Serum

I have also talked about this product before as well in my November Ipsy Bag Review, but this is definetly my go-to face oil in the winter. It is SO HYDRATING. Right now, I put it on before bed and before I apply my moisturizor for the night, and I mix it in with my Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation and I don’t dry up all day!


Buy Here!



Girl, Wash Your Face – Rachel Hollis

So I just started reading this book, and this will totally be my winter read. If you’re into feeling freaking awesome about yourself, buy it or rent it and give it a read! Or ask me to borrow it after I’m done!

Image 12-21-18 at 4.07 PM.jpg

Buy Here!


Oat Milk Latte

I don’t have a website for this one, but if you’re in the Hickory Hills area, check out Strange Brew Cafe in Palos Hills right across the street from Green Hills Library!

They offer oat milk there and it is seriously so so good!

OR if there is a coffee shop that offers oat milk, get your next drink made with it and thank me later!


That’s all for me folks! I hope you found something new to try here! Let me know your thoughts and have a great holiday!!


Stay curious & kind



Fall Outfit Details


I went to New Glarus this weekend with a couple of my close friends & was given the opportunity to wear my favorite Fall outfits!

Also! If you’re need of a great AirBNB in the New Glarus area, let me know!

I am soso into turtle necks with vests this season! So i figred I’d share with you my favorite outfit as of late!

What I am going to link is most of the things I am wearing in this photo, plus some extra options from different afforable places.

Maroon Vest                             

Original:  Nordstrom Rack

Other Options:

Black Turtle Neck



  • Most of the time I wear American Eagle size 12 x-long jeans! If I ever wear anything else, I will be sure to let you know!
  • PSA: American Eagle Jeans are currently Buy 1 Get 1 50% off!
  • American Eagle


Thigh High Black Boots


Black Belt

  • I got mine at TJMaxx for $7 and it fits my perfectly! But I couldn’t find it online L
  • Here are some other options:

Silver Hoop Earings


If you have any questions or need or HAVE any suggestions, let me know!


Happy Monday! I hope you have a productive and positive week!

Stay kind and curious,