Skincare Routine That Actually Works

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday! So I am pretty brutally honest with my struggles with adult acne, picking at my face, and searching for my perfect  beauty products. Recently, I have FINALLY figured out what combination of products helps my skin the most, and I will tell you why they help as well! My Skin Type: dry/combination skin acne-prone acne scars uneven skintone These products that … Continue reading Skincare Routine That Actually Works

Starbucks Cloud Macchiato Review

Hi Everyone! I thought I’d start this week off by giving you a review on the new Starbucks drink! Starbucks just released a new Cloud Macchiato not too long ago. It comes in the Carmel Cloud Macchiato and Cinnamon Cloud Macchiato. You can also get it either hot or cold! What is it? The Carmel Cloud Macchiato:  Vanilla Syrup Espresso Shots Cold Foam (made out … Continue reading Starbucks Cloud Macchiato Review

What I Didn’t Give Up

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday and Happy International Women’s Day to all of my beautiful and powerful ladies out there! For this #feelgoodfriday I decided to talk about what I am doing for Lent this year. I don’t really talk about my religion on my social platforms, and this really isn’t completely about religion either, but I am using Lent and my beliefs to instill something … Continue reading What I Didn’t Give Up