My Most Recent Empties

Happy Monday Everyone!

This is one of my most favorite series on the blog to to talk about because this just proves that I actually use and LOVE the products I talk about SO MUCH!

My Most Recent Empties are the products that I have most recently run out of AND will be purchasing again because of how much I love the products and brands.



Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


Shop Here! 

So I threw away the empty bottle 3 days ago and literally sprinted to the store to get a new one because I cannot live without this stuff.

So everyday you take off your makeup, but sometimes it feels like your skin isn’t as clean as it can be. WELL this Micellar Cleansing Water is exactly what you need! All I do is put some on a round cotton pad and put it all over my face. You guys, you will be SURPRISED at the amount that your cleanser doesn’t catch when you wash  your face.

This stuff is also amazing for removing eye makeup super easily.

I also use it in the morning after cleansing as well! (or sometimes alone when I’m too lazy and tired to actually wash my face).


Tula Resurfacing Gel


Shope Here! 

 A couple of months ago, I purchased the Discovery Kit from Tula Skincare and this product, along with the Hydrating Day & Night Cream quickly became my favorites of the bunch. I use these two every single day and I have seen a difference in my skin because of them!


Steve Laurant Lip Gloss in Cafe


Shop Here!

I love me a good lippy. Whether that is a gloss, stain, liquid lip, or a simple lipstick. & I love finding my ride or die’s and this is 100% my ride-or-die nude lipgloss. I got it in an Ipsy bag a while ago and it has stood the test of Anna trying every lippy on the planet haha. It has a tint but still makes your lips look natural and it goes on so smoothly without being too sticky!

Maelle Above & Beyond Mascara

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 2.20.44 pm
$10 with code ANNA10

Shop Here! 

This is THE BEST mascara I have ever used in my life. You guys, I promise you this has changed the mascara game for me. Every person that has tried it has fallen in love with it and I am constantly getting compliments on my lashes. THE BEST PART: it is $8 with code ANNA10. You will thank me later, I promise.

Elizabeth Mott Blush in “Peach Pink”


Shop Here

I LOVE peachy blushes, and after almost a year after getting the sample size in an Ipsy bag, I have finally completely run out of it and need to buy myself the full-sized one. It just stays on so well all day and pairs really well with my skin-tone!

Maelle Secret Illuminator


Shop Here!

This Secret Illuminator is my SAVIOR when it comes to covering and/or brightening anything on my face. It is the perfect brightener for under my eyes and I use it every single day. If I don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup, I apply it to where I need to conceal and I apply it under my eyes and I am set for the day! You can get this for $12 with code ANNA10!

Morphe Continuos Setting Mist


Shop Here! 

I always talk about this stuff, but it’s because it is worth talking about! I never knew the importance of setting spray until I used this guy. It just melts your makeup look perfectly together and also makes your makeup budge-proof for the WHOLE DAY.


Redken Finishing Spray


Shop Here! 

I don’t usually talk about my hair, but I have been getting requests to start and this product has been my holy grail finsihing spray for a while now. Whether I curl my hair, straighten it, or leave it natural, I always spray this in it because it leaves it bouncy and voluminous. It also doesn’t get sticky or leave your skin feeling like straw (if you know hat I mean). It gives it this healthy shine while keeping it in place in a very natural looking way!


Well, that’s all I’ve got for you! Let me know if you have any questions, comments, and especially if you try any of these products out!

Stay curious & kind,


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