December Phone & Desktop Wallpapers

Hi Everyone! Happy December! Here are the wallpapers I came up with for this month!

Just click on the link below the picture to download! Give me your feedback and let me know what you think!


Merry Everything


Baby It’s Cold Outside


Any Change Holds an Opportunity


Be You


Frosty Mornings


Do It for Yourself


Merry & Bright


Owning Your Story


Tidings of Comfrot & Joy


I hope you enjoyed these! Like I said, if you have any feedback of suggestions, let me know!



Published by TheBestSings

The best things in life are free (& sometimes we wish they were). Honestly, I'm just an outspoken person trying to feel good about the one life I'm given. To me, the best things in life are family, friends, teaching, learning, empowerment, music, kindness, the outdoors, coffee, travel, make-up, food, & so many more that I can't think of but will probably talk about here. Sit back, stay awhile, and enjoy some of my favorite things.

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