Stream of Consciousness

I’ve been thinking a lot about social acceptance lately.

Why people wear certain things, why people say certain things, why people assume certain things, etc.

I started thinking this way when I was very young becuase of how I was treated and because of how I looked. I always felt very different. But why was being different so bad? I asked myself that all the time. Why are my differences so put down? I can’t change some of them, but I’m supposed to hate myself for them?

And then I actually did start hating myself for them. Because the world around me led me to convince myself that my differences made me ugly and weird and sensetive.

We live in a world today that labels everything. Literally everything. & that is fine, no one can stop that. But what we can stop is what we peronally think when we see or hear those labels. So much judgement is passed on one another based on seconds of seeing a person, or based on one interaction.

By doing that, you are telling yourself that you have the power to define a person based on 1 minute or even 1 day of knowing them. How messed up is that?

They have a story, they have had struggles and triumphs that have led up to this moment. Creating who they are, and no one has the right to judge them for coming out alive and doing the best they can.

None of this probably makes sense because this is just my stream of consciousness at the moment, but maybe there is someone out there that this resonates with.

I guess my point of all of this is, I feel so passionately about human interaction and empowerment of others. Our differences make us who we are. They make us beautiful. And we should start embracing each other for them.

The next time you feel judgement pass through you to another human, I challenge you to cancel that out with “everyone is different, and that is what makes all of us beautiful.”

It’s hard in today’s world to reset the mind to think that way. All around us we are subliminally told what to like, what to think, who to talk to, etc. But looking beyond that manipulation and judgement is what will make you kinder, stronger, and happier. Becuase you will see the world in a whole new light. & you will create better relationships with every human you interact with.

I am not perfect. I will always say this. I am far from it. I intenionally & unintentionally pass judgement sometimes. So if you think all of this is bullshit, you have every right to think that! I’m just a 22 year old lady that has a lot of thoughts & likes to put them out into the world. Creating a safe place is important. Whether that is in a place or in a person. My goal is for others to speak freely to me & know that I am not judging them for what they think, do, or say. You are your own person & that is what makes you beautiful.



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