My (mostly weekday) Morning Routine

I am a person that runs on a repeated schedule. That is what I have learned keeps me motivated on focused on what I have to get done for the day, week, or month. It keeps my goals in check & I have honestly noticed it keeps me more energized and happy. (I wish I figured this out in college).

Now that I am student teaching, my days started much earlier than they used to at NIU. I usually have to be at school around 7, so in order to do my morning routine and get ready, I wake up around 5:30.


& to that, I will tell you “IT IS!”

This morning routine has seriously helped me get on the path to living my optimal life! I’m not just going to post some bullshit things on here just to post them. I seriously believe in the things I talk about on here.

The Routine

The absolute first thing I do when I wake up is NOT CHECK MY PHONE. I let myself wake-up and I tell myself “you will be kind and you will be forgiving”. I know, one of those sappy things I do, but if you read my post on Joy, you might get a little glimpse of what it does for me, and what doing something like that everyday could do for you.

I try and remember to diffuse some citrus or peppermint in my Young Living essential oil diffuser right when I get out of bed. This just makes the air smell yummy and the oils wake me up some more.


Next, I wash my face. I have pretty bad acne, so I try to prioritze keeping that in line. Plus, it wakes me up before I do anything else.

Right now I am using the Murad Essential – C Cleaner . I got it in my Ipsy bag last month and have seriously been loving it. After that, I put some Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water on a cotton pad and use that all over my face & neck, let that dry and use my CereVe moisturizor. After that for an extra wake up, I either spray the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater or the Kopari Coconut Rose Toner on my face and it just is so refreshing and it helps my skin stay moisturized all day (I have embaressingly dry skin & these steps have really helped).


Now that my skin is clean and I feel more awake, I get back into bed.

“What? You get back INTO bed? Anna, what the fuck?”

YES! I get back into bed and I have a couple options of what I do:

  • I read my self-help books I own like “You Are A Baddass”
  • I meditate (or pray – my meditiations usually end up in prayer, but that is just where my mind,body, and soul end up. Everyone is different!)
  • I sit or lay and think about my goals for the day
  • Honestly, I’m not gonna bullshit you, sometimes I end up taking another 10 minute nap since I’m so freaking tired

These things are just for me to get into the mindset of having a fulfilling, positive, and productive day. I have learned that in order to stay motivated, I personally NEED to do this. But like I said, everyone is different.

At first I felt so silly doing this. I felt like I was wasting my time honestly. Like I could just sleep in longer. But I promise you I am not messing around when I say, this helped my life in so many ways.

Next, I make my bed. (Thank you Eileen & George for teaching me the importance of such a small task).

If you ever have the time, go online and read some articles on how making your bed in the morning helps your day and yourself.

You can have the shittiest day ever and not get ANYTHING done, but when you get home, you will realize you did get something done, you made your bed.

I know, something so small and silly, but I promise if you read some articles on this, you will thank me .

*I usually check my phone after I make my bed*

I FINALLY GET TO MAKE COFFEE! *angels sing Hallelujah*

I make my coffee – right now I’m drinking the Veranda blonde roast from Starbucks made in a french press with a non-dairy milk every morning.

(buy pounds of coffee & make it at home instead of buying a cup every morning. It saves you so much $$$$) (or K-cups are good too, I still use them if I’m in a rush, but the quality of coffee isn’t as great)


I make my breakfast (or sometimes my mom is the saint that she is & makes it for me since we get up at the same time)

Right now, I’m either eating:

  • two scrambled eggs made in coconut oil, some hot sauce on top, half an avocado, and a handful of some kind of berry
  • Avocado toast made with some kind of bread filled with seeds and grains, topped with tomatoes,everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s (get it & put it on everything & thank me later) and crushed red peppers and half of a banana


I usually pack my lunch the night before, so I don’t have to worry about that.

Then I get dressed, do my hair and make-up, make another cup of coffee for my day (these middle schoolers make me crash by, like, 10 am) and I’m on my way!

That’s my morning routine! I mostly do it on weekdays because I have my consistent schedules and my weekends I either sleep in, or am on the go right away!

Like I said before, this is just something that I have found works for me. Everyone is different, but I wanted to share it because maybe someone would get inspired and try something like this for themselves!

Have a great Monday friends! & just as great of a week!


Listening to: Rosalyn by Jordy Searcy

Reading: You Are a Baddass

Drinking: Coffee (what else is new?)

Looking forward to: Going to New Glarus with the girls this weekend!

Message or comment your thoughts and suggestions! Thanks for stopping in!



  1. I love this! I have a horrible habit of looking at my phone when I wake up. I love the idea of waking up with such a positive affirmation!


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